Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rivers, waterfalls and other things that flow

The best days are those where the story just flows.

I'm in the middle of Chapter 3 of my new novel, Arcane. I'm still not fully comfortable giving the whole web a free preview, but suffice it to say things are totally awesome.

My girl, Drew, is getting to know some bright new characters at the moment -- and re-meet a few she thought she knew but didn't. Do they have ulterior motives? Of course. Are they what you think? Probably not. :)

Meanwhile, we've got our first glimpse of the enemy of the moment: a set of nasty twins named Evan and Elle. Are they working alone? I'll have to write more to find out!

On the Manas front, nothing new to report. I'm still embarrassed over the horrifically honest critique I got from my friend, Kathy. But, all things happen for a reason, and I've taken her suggestions to heart and learned my lessons for Arcane. Thanks again!

I even took my focus and commitment to Manas to a new level last week by getting fuchsia hightlights in my hair just like Zellie. Now I know why she loves it so much!

I can feel the story bubbling up inside right now, and I can't wait until I have another few moments (or free afternoons) at work to delve back into the alternative realm of Enna.

The best part: Inspiration comes from everywhere! So, watch what you say or do around me for the foreseeable future -- I may just immortalize your words in print one of these days! Agents and NYT Bestseller list, watch out!

On the web site front ... well, I'm sure we'll have it up one of these days :) When it goes live, you're all going to love the design -- sleek, saucy, otherworldly ... oh, it's making me shiver in antici... pation the more I think about it.

Until then, keep moving forward!

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