Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cleverly disguised as an editor, waiting to throw off the cloak

I've got a hot cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut with a few shots of espresso to give it some perk; I've got a not-busy day at work filling in a spotlight of International Business Tips (which I wrote); and I've got plenty of new inspiration to type a few hundred words, at least, so let's get to it!

Last night I was settling into my memory foam mattress, on my memory foam pillow, while my noisemaker made it sound like I was living under a tin roof in a rainstorm -- and that's when the muse decided to take a walk into Chapter 9 of GLOW. I only let him/her get a few steps in -- I was honestly too tired and too comfortable to scrawl in the minimal light a few ideas. So, I rolled onto my belly and let the ideas fill my dreams.

I've had a lot of wonderful dreams lately -- and I mean real dreams, not the scenarios I concoct in my waking hours about being interviewed about my latest best-seller. These dreams have filled pages in my writing notebook with a homage to William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' that I'm currently calling 'A Midsummer's Nightmare' -- at least until something cooler strikes my fancy. It stars a few ghosts, a few ghosthunters, some jilted dead lovers with an eye for vengeance and, of course, Nym, a mischievous overseers just trying to do the right thing.

I've got a mysterious scene tumbling around where I wake up at a police station in London with no idea how I got there -- but it's not really a police station, but a cover for an underground organization that takes me in to help me find out why I came to be there in the first place. It's kind-of awesome, actually ... I have the whole story and an ending that will leave you out of breath and smiling, but I'm not telling yet :)

But, best of all, I had a dream the other night that I've since translated into the opening chapter of MANAS II, the sequel to my first novel that is out with an agent right now under exclusivity for possible representation. Bodyparts crossed, please. I'm calling the book NERO (as MANAS means 'knowledge,' NERO means 'power'), and I've met a few new characters, including a brother-and-sister-in-crime Faolan and Lynly Vale, who would like to join in for a little fun.

So, creatively, things are really moving forward. I'm in a great place, with a ton of great ideas ... and I'm enjoying myself, which is hard to do once you start viewing your writing as a business venture rather than an awesome hobby that you're good at.

My coffee is getting cold, and my fingers are itching to transcribe the muse from last night's untimely interruption. Have a wonderful day, and buy a Kindle, will you? hehehee

PS -- The new website design is *stellar*! The timeline was set back a little, as my web designer was buying a house and the deal fell through (due to the moronic sellers who need a punch in the face), but the design is really lovely, sleek, professional and still manages to have my personality :)

PPS -- Hair appointment today to refresh and brighten up all my pink! So excited, and it's really bringing me more in tune with Zellie, who in the sequel will again have some pretty awesome hair! I'm thinking ... bright bubblegum at the roots, fading through fuchsia (her/my signature color) and into a candy-apple at the tips. Fierce! I'm gunna try it out today on me first! :)

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