Friday, July 8, 2011

Project: Gearin' Up to Get an Agent

I've recently join a chain of blogs for an event that is geared to help other writers out.

I know, it feels OOC for me, too. Normally, I like to keep to myself (a brief stint at a writer's group notwithstanding). And, it's not that I don't play well with others – far from it, actually – but that I am an editor by trade. It's *my job* to critique others' writing every day ... not to mention the rigors I put myself through when re-reading my latest chapters.

And, while I highly enjoy offering up my services to other authors – helping writers become the best they can be is so rewarding – it's not something I do often for two reasons: 1.) I don't get paid for it and my life is much busier now; and 2.) Well ... as an editor, I don't mince words.

A while ago, I beta-read for a very popular fan fiction site on which I helped would-be authors develop their own voice and point of view ... Of course, this was back before I became an author myself. Being on the receiving end of my own critiques these days, I can't *exactly* say I'm a nice editor. Actually, I'm downright harsh at times. But, I am good. ... At least, that's what I tell myself as I delete 5-page scenes from books I previously cared for with the tenderness of a gardener pruning her prized roses.

Anyway, it's with slightly trepidatious delight that I announce I will be using this blog for a bit to participate in an event with other writers who, like me, want to make themselves better. We really are a community of creative minds who need other creative minds to foster our own success.

Included in the pack? My ex-agent and current friend ... who I've made up with since my last post where I (possibly, unwittingly, underhandedly) wished she'd get squirted in the face with lemon juice. Uh, just kidding, Lora! :) You're a true inspiration and very talented editor, yourself, and I'll always cherish your input!

Check back here for updates, and feel free to also check out the original blog written by Deana Barnhart here.


  1. Welcome to the blogfest party Amber! I'm glad you still love Lora:) I know that must have been hard losing your agent but I'm sure you have a fabulous one just waiting for you on the horizon...and now, Lora can join you in looking for a fab agent for herself too:)

  2. Hi Amber! Nice to meet you. Glad you're on board with the blofesting! Look forward to more of your posts. ;0

  3. Hi, Amber. I'll be posting after you tomorrow. Can't wait to see the final story on Deana's site:) Collins and Rowling are two of my fav's too--am taking my 11-yr-old daughter and 5 of her friends to see Deathly Hallows Part II Thurs at midnight, yippee!!

  4. How nice to meet you Amber! I decided to join forces with this group to see if maybe several people's opinions on my query would help me come September!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your query on your blog soon enough! I do hope you'll stop by my neck of the woods for a visit as well!


Thank you in advance :)