Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's an odd form of inspiration, for sure.

If the last few weeks have taught me anything, it’s that I’m not nearly as alone as I thought in the blogosphere. Thus, it stands to reason that I’m also not alone in wanting to wear ADORABLE t-shirts that show (in a clever way, of course) that I enjoy reading and writing.

… Or admitting that I sometimes have to look in strange places to find inspiration when my Muses take a late lunch.

I happen to find most of my inspiration in fashion – odd since I’m not a fashionista. I enjoy thinking about the clothes my characters are wearing and what they say about who my characters are beneath my words. The girl wearing a bold gem-colored jersey dress over crisp dark jeans and her highest heels has a much different personality than the woman in a lemony oxford, hounds-tooth pencil skirt and red patent-leather Mary Janes. Right?

So often it happens like it did today: I’m taking a break from (read: am thoroughly avoiding) editing my latest chapter in my fab WIP and browsing online. I become entranced by a pair of shoes, and a character springs to mind. What would she say? Could she wear these?

And that sets me off to explore more about the character than I otherwise would have given my normal writing schedule.

I was fustzing around on the web the other day (in similar pursuits of inspiration) when I came across this fun blog entry somewhere (I don’t remember where I was!) (please, if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll link!) that asked me to answer questions about my MC. Silly things like, 'What’s in her refrigerator right now?’ and ‘What’s on her movie shelf?’ Anyway, I loved it – what a great way to really get in touch with a character.

…But before I get too deep in the philosophical character-building techniques (it was done better by this mystery blogger I can no longer find, so I’m of no help whatsoever), let’s swing back to *my* main point: T-shirts.

Yes, that’s right. Welcome back :) Here are some of the images that are making me smile today. Also, if you’re in need of inspiration, I find that some of the designs are so clever that they actually get my mind back in writing mode – hence the title of this blog.

(All of these t-shirts are from www.Threadless.com, from which I’ve bought garments numerous times. They are inexpensive, true to size and original enough to garner many compliments. Needless to say, they come highly recommended.)

‘The Best Channel Since 1465’


‘The Cloud Menagerie’

‘The Woods Belong to Me’

‘Honey Moon’

‘Snow Globe’

‘Polar Gardening’

‘The Flow of Wisdom’

‘Why is an Owl Smart?’

What odd things give YOU inspiration?


  1. I LOVE these! I can't even pick a favorite. Maybe polar gardening or honeymoon :)

  2. Most awesome T-shirts EVER!! I might bookmark some of them--I, too love quirky bibilophile tees--I have my fav that says, "I'd Rather be Reading Jane Austen" ;)

  3. Those are awesome! Very creative people designed these. Sometimes I wish I had a knack for art or fashion or design or anything pretty, but alas, I do not :(

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  5. I feel very bookworm-ish when I wear the 'Why Owls are Smart' t-shirt at home :) There is something secretive and intimate about the girl in the woods, and all I see when I look at the cloud menagerie is a whimsical steampunk novel waiting to be read. <3 Definitely a good waste of time, right? hehehehe


Thank you in advance :)