Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tag, you're it!

Hey everyone -- who doesn't love a "getting to know you" chain letter? Don't lie, you know you do.

I've been "tagged" by the lovely Lora Riveria over at -- she and I have a storied history, and how could I say "No!" to one of the most influential ladies my writing has ever had? Simply, I couldn't and wouldn't want to because, as stated before, I <3 these things! :)

Read and enjoy, internet friends!

1. What is the best meal you've ever eaten - what, when, and where?

I was with my husband (who was my fiance at the time) celebrating my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. Instead of drinking (because he doesn't drink), we went to one of Emeril Lagasse's restuarants and had the Tasting Menu. It was about a thousand courses of teeny portions of delicious foods -- toward the end it was mostly just sport to see how much of the next dish we could get down. Absolutely delicious. Another great meal: coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, last April for my 31st birthday. A dream come true. Food was good too :)

2. What is your earliest memory?

I remember running up the stairs with my dad to our tiny apartment in Euclid, Ohio. My mom was working the late shift at the hospital, and we were a little late for settling onto the couch to watch MASH. The stairway was yellow, and I was holding Dad's hand while he ran us up. Since we moved to Mass. when I was 2, I was somewhere between 12 and 24 months old. (Yeah, I didn't crawl; I walked when I was 9 months old.)

3. If given your choice of a secret rendezvous with any fictional hottie - who would you choose?

Ohhh good one. I have a three-way dead heat (lordy, what I would give...): bad-boy Damon Salvatore from the TV version of 'Vampire Diaries' (right), the demon Azazeal from the BBCA series 'HEX' (above, right), and hero Robin Hood from the BBCA series 'Robin Hood' (above, left)-- i.e. Ian Somerhalder, Michael Fassbender and Jonas Armstrong, respectively. Those men have been on my list for YEARS. Ahem, my muse loves them, too.

4. What is your favorite joke?

Q: If you're Russian to get into the bathroom, and you're American when you leave the bathroom, what are you when you're in the bathroom?

A: European! HAHAHAA (you might need to say this one outloud a few times, slowly.)

5. Pick three words to describe yourself (one is just too hard!)

Stubborn. Strong. Smart.

And now to tag my own victims!

1. Angela Cothran
2. Laura Barnes
3. Sarah La Polla

Tag! You're it!

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  1. Damon is quite yummy :) It's the blue eyes for me.

    I got tagged last week and answered my questions yesterday. But I love your questions. And three words that describe me--Kind, Creative, Optimistic.


Thank you in advance :)