Friday, September 25, 2009

BLOGFEST 2009: Day 4

How has writing affected your daily life?

Other than a slight drawback of making me a little more busy, writing has made me a happier person: I'm more creative, I listen more intently, I have thicker skin and I always carry a notebook with me. Now, I have something to talk about at parties -- writing is definitely a conversation-starter. I feel oddly satisfied and anxious at once, and my mind is set to a constant whir with ideas, dialogue and whichever scene I'm currently writing. It's a lot of fun -- and I'm even considering getting a tattoo on my right hand (writing hand) to signify the importance of the craft in my life. I've joined an amazing writer's group, which has broadened my horizons both creatively and professionally, and the additional happiness has solidified my desire to get healthier, too. I loved my life before I started writing, and this new facet has really sent me into orbit with no plans for re-entry. I owe my cosmic muses a big thank you.

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