Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Own BLOGFEST 2009!

Simon & Schuster is running BLOGFEST 2009 -- a promotional blog where 40 well-known authors answer 14 questions over two weeks. And, never one to be left out, I decided that, as an author, I should totally answer these questions, too!

So, starting today with the first two questions, I'll answer one per day in tune with BLOGFEST 2009. Read along, leave your comments and email me ( if you'd like to know more!

PS -- After the two weeks, I'm going to update you all on my current progress! A teaser: My new archaeological horror short had four published authors and a real publisher on the edge of their seats at a reading this past weekend! Yay!

What made you start writing?
There wasn't a concious decision to 'start writing' -- I've kind of always had the knack. My dad writes these fantastically creative Christmas letters every year, and when I got married, I wanted to continue the tradition.
There is nothing like a fabulous book, and I've read too many to count. My impetus for writing novels came after reading a wildly popular series and thinking to myself, 'You could have written that -- and you could have written it better.' As an editor, I'm constantly working with authors and words, and this was the first opportunity where I could create something of my own.
My dreams are these incredible stories that have plots, subplots and fully formed characters. All I get when I'm asleep are short passages, scenes and moments; and, after I translate them from my midnight scratches, they explode in my conscious.
I never thought while writing those first Christmas letters that I would love writing this much. It's completely addicting.

What was the first thing you wrote?
All sorts of stuff while I was in school ... papers and creative projects; I even tried to keep a diary multiple different times.
My very first writing that I shared with more than just a teacher were my Christmas letters. Full of deliciously purple prose and gorgeous verbosity, these letters boosted my confidence and were the lighter fluid of my future writing endeavours.
The match came in the form of my own desire to prove I really could write a better novel. I'd read so many in the recent past that I just didn't like, and 'Manas' was my answer -- full of mystery, adventure, romance, technology, danger ... all of my favorite things, and everything that makes a great read.
With the drive to prove to myself that I really could do it, I started writing 'Manas' in Aug. 2008 and finished in Feb. 2009 -- 80,000 words and a lot of humble learning later.

... Check back here once a day for the next few weeks while I answer another question in BLOGFEST 2009!

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