Thursday, October 1, 2009

BLOGFEST 2009: Day 11

How do you feel about stuff like sex scenes in books? Inappropriate or okay?
I am 29 years old -- that pretty much solidifies me in the era of 'adulthood,' so I say bring it on! Sex is not only something that everyone does, it's also perfectly natural, ultimately pleasing and totally exciting. It exists in every facet of commercials, TV, movies, ads, books -- you name it, sex sells it -- so why should it not exist in written stories, too?

I don't chock my books full of smut, but come on now. Too many people shy away from sex in books because they think it's too girly, or their puritan minds can't be dirtied by naughty words, or God forbid a high school girl read about a character getting to second base with her 'glorious' vamp -- I mean, boyfriend. Oh, the horror that would wreak on civilized society! Think of all the good girls turned bad!

We need to all grow up and understand that we live in 2009 (almost 2010) and that times have changed from the 1950s buttoned-up sexual repression lingering in some mindsets. Get over it, move on!

BTW, Simon and Schuster, I love how you tried to ease into the issue by adding the 'stuff like' before 'sex scenes' in your question. What is the other 'stuff' to which you are referring? Thanks for proving my point.

That rant off my chest, books are nothing without a good story. If a sex scene doesn't work within that story, then it's foolish to add one in just for some sizzle. I've read plenty of books with not even a kiss, and some with scenes that make me fan myself. A good writer knows when to draw the line and when to indulge a sweet tooth.

Overall, though, I'm always rooting for the heroine and her hero to hook up in the end. Or in the middle and the end. Or, in the beginning, then the middle, then before the climax, then at the end ...

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  1. But has anyone ever hooked up in the "post a comment" section of a blog?

    I am so tempted to be the first...

    "As the twins squealed with delight, Mr. Macoby ripped open his shirt, revealing a perfectly centered 3rd nipple....."


Thank you in advance :)