Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wait -- two at once? Are you crazy?

I just might be. Remember what I said yesterday? Well, forget most of it.

The fickle genius that is my muse decided that I'm not, in fact, taking a break from GLOW. Or PAUSE either. Yeah, both ideas are jostling for first position in my brain -- think, two side of a '80s-style teen dance off!

GLOW threw down the gauntlet; Brendan, it's blond, hulking beast of a hero can do a mean breakdance.

Then PAUSE walked to the center of the floor, lead by Rainey, the mom with a chip on her shoulder and dancing shoes on her feet. Zzzzp, Zzzzp -- her Robot stunned the breathless crowd.

But, all was not said and done. GLOW and it's sassy heroine Sundae whipped out a glittery glove and, with a loud 'Sha-mon!', brought the crowd to its knees with an out-of-this-world moonwalk...

All kidding aside, this should be an interesting experiment. Can Amber juggle two very different story lines at the same time? Can my mousy widow Rainey, trapped in a world full of dead humans, compete with licorice-haired Sundae, who is stuck in a paint-by-number life? Can big, blond Brendan Sullivan get along with tall, dark Jonas? I think the answer is yes!

Being able to take a break from one while my batteries recharge and working on the other is going to be amazing! Since each project is so incredibly different, this is really going to help me explore the ideas of finding love while still kicking ass in a sci-fi mystery!

It's amazing the difference a day can make on your perspective. Yesterday, I was in a sour, caustic mood, and today I'm bright as a CFL bulb and rarin' to go. Keep moving forward!

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