Saturday, October 3, 2009

BLOGFEST 2009: Day 13

Is it difficult to get a book published?
Ha. Hahahaha ... Wait -- nope, still a stupid question ... hahahaha!

Please. If it were easy to get a book published, everyone would do it. Of course it's hard! Aside from the daunting prospect of just writing and finishing a book, you have to go out and market yourself to a group of people who really don't want to listen to you. And, it's not their fault -- agents are picky because that's their job! Publishers won't waste money on a no one from no where! Are you out of your mind??

Getting something published it emotionally hard, too. Here is your masterpiece, your work of literary art that you slaved over and edited a hundred times. Your friends love it, your mom loves it ... Yet you hand it off like a first born child to a group of people for their direct and unflinching criticism. Your baby. Torn apart by an editor.

Yeah, that probably doesn't feel great.

However, all of these steps are in the process for a reason: to make sure that when you go to a bookstore, you're getting some great writing; to make sure the people not really interested in writing are weeded out early on. I've said it a hundred times: Keep moving forward. Don't take no for an answer. The people who are published are the ones that really work hard as perfecting their craft -- and they enjoy it.

Look, it's just fact that not everyone is meant to be a writer. You can take all the classes, attend all the seminars and writers conferences you want, but if you just don't have it, you don't have it. I can't hold a tune to save a life. I can't act myself out of a paper bag. Heck, I can't knit a stupid fair-isle sweater or remember the recipe for spaghetti sauce. But, this writing stuff, I'm pretty good at.

Oh, and another thing: If you really love it, don't let anyone (not even me) tell you that you're not good at it.

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